Find Yourself !   Know Yourself !   Become Yourself ! Experience the Joy of You!

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Find Yourself – The New Maps

For your inner quest, Lynn Jericho provides many comprehensive maps to guide you through the complex landscape of your humanity to the unique treasure of your true self.

Know Yourself – The New Mirrors

Self-knowledge comes from courageously gazing at yourself from infinite perspectives. Offering many mirrors, Imagine Self reveals numerous reflections for seeing  your core self.

Become Yourself – The New Methods

What seeds of new self-expression are ready to germinate? Lynn Jericho presents powerful, inspiring and compassionate methods for cultivating your continually evolving self.

Experience the Joy of You!  – Imagine Your Self

Lynn offers wise and compassionate guidance through the maps, mirrors and methods of Imagine Self, but only you can imagine you and experience the joy that comes from your courageous effort. 

Hello Friend!


When you imagine yourself you are seeing yourself as powerfully evolving into a self more aligned with your truth, more revealing of your beauty, more capable of manifesting your goodness.

I am Lynn and Imagine Self is my work and my devotion.

I am an evangelist for self-knowledge. I wonder at all things about you. I observe, question and celebrate your unfolding.

I am a supporter of self-compassion. There is every reason to embrace and no benefit in judging every facet of your soul.

I am a cheerleader of self-expression. You are a song that only you can sing. I want you to sing your song and I want to hear that song.