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Your Christmas Longings With…

A New Christmas


A New Christmas


A New Christmas


Do you ever find at the end of the holidays, no matter how wonderful they have been, you feel something was missing?

Hiding behind the rich blessings of gifts and food, traditions and celebrations, music and decorations, friends and family

there is a dark silent place still longing for

Some new gift of self-love to be unwrapped.

Some delicious feast of self-awareness to be prepared and enjoyed.

Some tradition of self-attention to be celebrated.

This longing doesn’t happen at any other time of year. Holidays—national, cultural, religious—come and go with the seasons without arousing such a deep, unmet need for going within oneself.

If every Christmas your soul longs for a rebirth of inner meaning, for a renewal of spirit that deepens your sense of self and enriches the coming year…

Give yourself an Inner Christmas!

The Holy Nights are 12 nights of inner spiritual mystery. Beginning at sunset on Christmas Day and ending at sunrise on Epiphany, the veils lift that hide the spiritual world from our ordinary consciousness.  You can experience this mystery if you are willing to pay attention.  

Inner Christmas supports your soul’s attention during the 12 Holy Nights.

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What a journey that was through the Holy Nights! I learned so much about myself–both my beautiful parts that I can now allow to shine more brilliantly, and the parts that need bolstering and encouragement to step out and show themselves.

This year will include the exciting adventure of integrating these parts, bringing them together, and doing the work of establishing harmony between them.


Kelli McAllister

Louisville, KY

Universal and Unique

As with all Imagine Self offerings, Inner Christmas serves your inner journey to find, know and become your truest self. Each message is composed to bring you to a new understanding of who you are. And a new joy in being you!

The theme and the messages of Inner Christmas offer inspirations beyond any beliefs or traditions. They are universal. Since 2004, Inner Christmas has been celebrated by thousands of individuals, families and groups in over 70 countries.

Hi Lynn! You ARE crazy! In the best possible sense. My husband and I went through your Inner Christmas journey and we can’t put into words how it has absolutely, quantumly, nourished our souls. We are so grateful. Sending you our heartfelt thanks.

Hindy Weber, Manila, Philippines

Dear Lynn
A dear friend give me “inner christmas” as a gift and it really was the best gift I have received in years. Each night words and theme took me on a tour deeply and I deeply thank you for your wisdom and generosity to share this beauty. I am sharing with my friends.

Andrea Pacheco, Lima Peru




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