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The Twelve Promises

the Inner Christmas Theme for 2019-20

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Dear Friend…

This year during the Holy Nights we will be contemplating twelve pre-birth promises.

A promise is a declaration of a commitment to do or make something in the future. A promise provides hope, assurance and expectation. It is a pledge and a covenant.

Before a soul incarnates, before conception, a script is written that includes the promises of a lifetime…not what a lifetime will do for the incarnating soul, but the promises of what a soul will fulfill during the course of its life in living day to day from birth till death.

Every human being shows up in life with promises to keep;

Promises that serve the self.

Promises that serve others.

Promises that serve the future.

Each Inner Christmas Message will explore an archetypal promise to make a particular quality active in you life and will inspire you to reflect on your unique relationship to this promise. I am confident that each of us fulfills these profound promises — maybe in a single moment  or perhaps over and over. We  do have our entire lifetime to keep our promises.

You don’t need to worry that you will discover promises you aren’t keeping or promises that have been broken. These prebirth promises have no schedule, no demand for certain performance in a certain way at a certain time.

During the Holy Nights we will look at the promises as gifts we bring to life. With the guidance of our spiritual companions, we will lift the veils of earthly limitations and wonder at these twelve promises.   

The Holy Nights and the messages might inspire new imaginations of the promises and new ways of fulfilling them. You might see promises that only appear in your destiny for a moment and others that you fulfill many times in many ways.

The Twelve Promises are promises of making some quality manifest through your soul’s engagement and are universal and live in all souls. Every soul undertakes to make these twelve promised qualities their own unique way. How we make each promise come to life in a variety of circumstances and the story of its making are unique and our own.

I promise you will learn much about yourself over these Holy Nights. You will be inspired, encouraged, and set free to fulfill these promises.

The Mystery of the Holy Nights

Nothing about the Holy Nights is sentimental. They are devotional and intentional. We connect with spiritual realities in ways that nurture and develop the highest capacities of our humanity and our individuality. We come to know ourselves, others, the world, and the future more deeply. We touch the realm of the Gods and they whisper into our souls’ inspirations of great significance.

I appreciate your commitment to the Holy Nights and your courage to live a more conscious life, ask deep questions and imagine beyond the ordinary. 

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I have benefitted from Lynn’s work over the past several years.  My first introduction was experiencing the profound personal changes her Inner Christmas information and questions had on my own Christmas experience that year and the continued ripples throughout that year and into each Christmas season and my life in general.                                                                                                                                                                                               Diane B.



Now, reading, thinking, looking and listening to the Holy Nights Messages I’m very happy and grateful because your writing translates into my life. So, there are many resonances for my heart, soul, and understanding.

You write very well. Clear, deep, simply and with applicability in our life, day by day. 

WONDERFUL !!! So, thank you, very much.  

Maria Christina Leme Valle Mendonca





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