Thoughts on Money, Prices & Self


There is much no-cost guidance and support for your path of self-development in Imagine Self. The impulse began in a gift gesture with the Inner Christmas messages in 2004. If you are on the mailing list, you will receive all the free gifts as they are available.

Here are the gifts and more will always be added as they are produced:

Inner Christmas Messages
Evolving Thoughts Blogposts
Inner Festival Messages (beginning soon
The Inner Sunday Podcasts (beginning soon)
The Imagine Self Manifesto (under production)
Occasional webinars.


Books, Imagine Self art and gifts, audio products, webinars, workshops, retreats, trainings, individual consultations and mentoring.

The fees for these products and services support the research, development, production and administration of Imagine Self Inc and the individuals who are responsible for Imagine Self.


Everyone’s relationship to money, earning, saving, and spending, is complex and challenging when there is money beyond what is needed for essential survival. What do you do with your discretionary income?

Do you spend it on your sensory self – what you can see, touch, taste, measure, hear, use with your hands, wear, and so forth?

Do you spend it on others?

Do you spend it on fixing yourself?

What is finding, knowing, and becoming yourself worth? Do you have a budget for what you invest in your inner development? I like the notion of tithing to self, spending one dollar out of every ten, after your essential survival needs are paid for, on the support of your inner life, your evolving imagination of who you are as a being of truth, beauty and goodness arising out of freedom and love.

Will your discretionary lifestyle expenses, the choices you have made in the past and plan for the future, allow for the funding of the care and development of your inner lifestyle? How would it feel to have a budget devoted to your inner reality? To grasp a deep sense of who you are and imagine a clear direction for who you are becoming?

What will you purchase with that fund? Books and courses offering wisdom, inspiration, and meaning? Counseling, listening, sacred conversations? A yearly retreat for self-reflection?

Make a list of what you would like and what you are actually doing! You might want to also look at what you provide for yourself and what you deny yourself and ask why.

Remember if you consciously budget either your money, your time, your energy or your attention, you will find the other three will fall into a meaningful budget as well.

What is budgeting? Anything that has limited resources needs to be budgeted – given limits, measurements, appropriation, and focus consciously, creatively, and with self-caring. Budgeting is way of prioritizing, organizing and fulfilling your desires by creating conscious limits and choices to the use of your resources. The mature soul welcomes budgeting.


Many people have found IMAGINE SELF to be important in shaping an invaluable, deep and meaningful sense of self (being human and becoming I), worth their while, and incredibly useful.

What is the value you expect to gain from an Imagine Self program, product or service? YOU determine and make the value. I don’t provide the value, I provide the content of perspective and process offering you and others a new way of finding, knowing and becoming yourself. YOU decide if you are going to work with the material, listen, study, apply what is offered and create the value you are seeking and even more than you imagined.

None of the Imagine Self programs, products or services provide a free lunch, a magic bullet or wand, a quick fix, a feelgood, a miracle, or anything that looks like winning the Inner Lottery. The value that comes from Imagine Self is your inner sense of self as powerful, able to find your truth, know your beauty and become your goodness as you resolve your karma and fulfill your destiny.

If you do the work, you will find amazing value.


So the price setting for Imagine Self programs, products and services has nothing to do with the value you will receive. This makes pricing a moral challenge. I would love to leave it up to you, to what you can afford and what Imagine Self is worth to you.

Each price is about supporting Imagine Self, supporting me, and those who help me.

Here are some of my questions in determining price:

What did it cost to produce a program or a product? What is my time and my experience worth?

What do I assume my audience can afford? I want the majority of the IS programs, especially the Inner Foundation programs which are essential, to be affordable to someone who has a self-development budget of 200-2000 a year. For those who have more descretionary funds please read about donations, gifts and scholarships below.

What does Imagine Self need to continue producing and improving the products, programs and services. They need to be accessible, beautiful, error-free, efficient, inspiring, something you love experiencing on multiple levels and something you want to share with those who are important to you. What does it cost to keep up-to-date with technology and hire the professionals to do design, administration, marketing and support?

What do I need to live, to maintain my physical, energetic, and emotional well-being, continue to learn, to enjoy life, secure my retirement, and sustain my capacity to provide the content and direction for Imagine Self?


This section of thoughts and practices addresses the two poles of personal wealth. Those who have little or no discretionary cash and those who have significant or relatively unlimited discretionary funds.

I have a practice of providing discounts and scholarships with each program to those who would be risking their financial integrity to invest in an Imagine Self programs. In doing this and providing so many fr^^ sources of inner development through Inner Christimas, the Imagine Self Evolving Thoughts blog, etc, I feel good.

Likewise, I ask those who have extraordinary wealth, to consider making a donation to the Imagine Self Scholarship Fund which means I can offer more discounts and scholarships. These gifts are NOT tax deductible. Please contact me