About Lynn

I have written here about what I love doing and the major influences on my work. I describe the ways you can work with me. I’ve also included some of the personal stuff.

But first a simple statement of my intent in all my work…

Life is short. You are incredibly important. If I can help you heal, expand, understand or transform so that who you are and what you do feels more real, nothing could give me more joy.

If we were visiting personally rather than electronically, I’d fix you a cup of tea or pour you a glass of wine and we would sit down for a great conversation. So why don’t you do that for yourself. Make yourself comfortable. Get ready to entertain new ideas and possibilities. You will find comfort here in my cyberhome and you will find many intriguing challenges. I want you to leave my place feeling different than when you arrived and knowing more about me … and more about yourself. If I can do anything to make you more at home, let me know. I do love questions.

If you want to know more: ask. Contact me.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary 20 minute conversation with me to explore your inner needs, all you need to do is schedule a “Listening” appointment below and fill out the form.  Looking forward to speaking with you.

Here’s what I do with love…
I accept you & accompany you

through the evolution and strengthening of selfhood, through the process of resolving karma and fulfilling destiny, with compassion and care. I am always aware of becoming and being a good and wise companion and friend. Your inner journey needs warm support.

I attend to your thoughts, feelings, and goals

with keen listening and observation. Keen listening and observation are what I practice, practice, practice and refine and mature. The central key to my attention is my unconditional openness to all that lives in another — to what lives in you.

I educate you

about the mysterious complexity and amazing process of being human and becoming I. I bring imaginations that resonate with your heart and your head, and I ask questions that open up a treasure chest of self-awareness and personal connection to the divine, the practical and the personal.

I am always seeking to make the vague, distinct; the confusing, organized; and the shadowy, luminous.

I research

the alchemy of being human and becoming I, the realities of spiritual beings, the activity of counterforces and the presence of evil, the nuances of the evolution of consciousness. I am fascinated by esoteric biology, the hidden meanings and interweavings between our own physiology and the inner sense of self — the holistic awareness of I am.

I connect

cosmic realities with personal realities, material phenomena with spiritual phenomena. I see relationships of all kinds through these connections. I share these connections with a warm, personal language.

I design and organize

programs to guide others to find themselves, know themselves and become themselves. The designs are organic and reflect the way the human being experiences life. Organization flows with life. Design harmonizes purpose with process. You probably need to participate in a program to see the way I do this.

Influences that Shaped My Soul…
Rudolf Steiner

There is a whole page on my relationship to Rudolf Steiner here. No one has nurtured and cultivated my writings, my teaching, my research, my sense of the human soul and my personal development more than Rudolf Steiner.

In the beginning of his book, Knowledge of Higher Worlds, Steiner says for every step in spiritual development we must take three in moral development.  Please reflect on this and then reconsider how you bring your reverent attention and imaginative focus to both your spiritual development and your moral development.  Moral development begins with self-imagining.

The Twelve Steps

The greatest gift my first husband gave me was my engagement with The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. My grandfather joined AA before I was born, but never took me to meetings. When I married a recovering alcoholic, AA and Al-Anon became a big part of my life. The Twelve Steps are an archetypal process for responsible self-compassion that awakens and develops the individual. The steps also weave together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. The are brilliant, read more about them here.

Art History

I have a BA in Art History. Through years of studying the history of art, I learned to attend to nuances of style, the multiple hues of color and shadows of form and the falling of light on the subject of the painting. I learned the sacredness of architecture. I studied how stone and wood can come breathtakingly alive when carved with passion and skill. I can recognize a whole work of art from a small detail and see the forces of culture, religion, politics and economy of a particular place and time living in a painting, drawing, sculpture or building.

My study of art history has developed a perceptual skill to wed parts to wholes, to see history repeated in moments and to attend to nuance and intensity when imagining the soul of another.

My passion for Art History awoke during my sophomore year which was spent in Florence, Italy, immersed in the mood of the Renaissance. The Renaissance began with the hunger of the artistic soul for individuality, perspective, reconnection with mythic archetypes and emotional interpretation of the Christian mysteries. These Renaissance moods live in my soul.

Interior Design

From a very young age, I loved the home decoration – the arrangement of things, the aesthetics of placement, the complement of colors, textures and forms, and the provision of comfort and intimacy. I looked for beauty and harmony in living spaces. When I was newly married, my husband and I bought an elegant home in the hills west of Charlottesville, Va. Off I went to the most creative interior designer in town. Within a few weeks we were friends and I was working for her a few hours a week.

Twelve years later, and in my third home, I decided to become a professional interior designer. It was very satisfying. I did not have a signature style – you couldn’t walk into one of my client’s homes and say Lynn Jericho was the decorator. Instead, I had clients say they felt their home expressed who they were. I was really humbled at the thought of designing the space in which my clients made love, shared conversations with their friends, fried eggs and quietly contemplated their lives.

Designing was such valuable training for the soul work of imagining self. Each one of us wants an inner life that is comfortable, beautiful and meaningful. We want to see how our lives are organized and unfold in ways that serve our purposes. Designing another’s home taught me to let go of my own style. I was not going to be living in the home, so the style had to reflect the client – it had to work for them and their family.

Designing an inner schooling requires the same sensitivity and absence of personal agenda other than to awaken and serve what is unfolding. When I would start an interior design project, my clients would call me frequently needing all kinds of approval and support. As the relationship grew and we worked together, instead of calling me up to see if it was okay if they hung a picture, they would call up and confidently share they had just bought a wonderful antique table or chair. This is how Imagine Self supports development – from dependency to independence. It’s great.

Midwifery & Birth

I was pregnant with my first child and saw an interview on television with the director of the Birthing Center at Roosevelt Hospital in NYC. Even though I was living over an hour away, I decided that was the place for my child’s birth. It was 1978 and most of my friends and family were alarmed that I was going to see midwives and not a doctor. The birth was great. Subsequently, I worked with a group of mothers in Princeton to start a birth center locally.

Midwives serve the mother and the process of birth. They are guardians of this sacred experience. They do not interfere nor do they impose; yet they are acutely attentive to any possible danger to the child or the mother. In working with clients, individuals, couples, families or groups, I see myself as midwife. Participants in Imagine Self programs are giving birth to themselves – forming a new sense of self, shaping a new relationship, committing to a new future. Just like birth, the Imagine Self process is hard work – often painful and filled with transitions. It is messy and – the outcome is a miracle.

Building a Waldorf School

In 1985, I enrolled my children in the brand new Waldorf School of Princeton. Little did I know I was enrolling myself as a pioneer parent and that my life would deeply change. I became a very active parent and the first development/fundraising director. Not only did I find in Waldorf an understanding of the development of the human soul, but also the challenges of working with community. As development officer, I had to deal with events, communications, and finances. I had to support the harmony of teachers, students, parents and a much larger community. I was asked to serve on the national task force for development for the Association of Waldorf School of North America. This required interfacing with Waldorf educators and the larger educational community.
Working persistently and patiently, learning to express new ideas in understandable ways and building an organization that serves the community taught me to consider everything from multiple points of view when seeking to establish a healthy and thriving imagination of self.

When imagining self we must experience very flexible and creative perspectives. Dealing with obstacles, challenges and resistance to development and growth requires self-compassion and courage. It is also important to set goals and celebrate achievement.
Above all, Waldorf connected me with the extraordinary wisdom and practicality of Rudolf Steiner. He named the body of his work anthroposophy – the wisdom and consciousness of humanity.

To Work with Me…
Engage me for sacred conversations to support your sense of self as you
  • Experience the transformations and the turning points in your life.
  • Navigate the rough waters and fierce tides of personal breakthroughs.
  • Face dilemmas in your relationships, work life, health, creative expression and spiritual path.

Let me be with you as friend and mentor to hold you as you

  • Free your soul from the limiting matrices of your childhood, central relationships, cultural and tribal narratives, assumptions and expectations.
  • Develop spiritual, moral, economic and foundational self-reliance, competence, confidence, authenticity, creativity and maturity.
  • Manage your energies and resources with a productive flow between expansion and contraction, between release and restoration.
  • Celebrate your existence. Resolve your karma. Fulfill your destiny.
Participate in the Imagine Self Academy

The Imagine Self Academy offers three curriculums:  Core Imaginations; Holy Imaginations; and Wisdom Imaginations.

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I am most delighted with a long-term client who described our work this way: “Lynn is like a best friend, only more.” My client can’t define the “more” and neither can I. It is the miracle of authentic conversation when something comes alive through the connection.

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Engage me for Organizational Consulting

Organizations are mirrors of the human being. I am available to work with your organizational questions, challenges, future, purpose. When I consulted with the board of a residential treatment center for schizophrenics, the executive director gave me a gift. It was an automobile sparkplug. He told me it symbolized their experience of my role in rebooting their organization.

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Invite me to speak

If you would like me to give a keynote for your group or organization, please email me. Let me know what you imagine or desire as a topic. I will respond and let you know my availability and my fees.

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Invite me to give a workshop.

I can offer a workshop of 1-4 days for your community or your organization. Please tell me what you are looking for, and I will get back to you with some possibilities and the logistics.

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Personal Stuff

I have designed and developed the content and courses of the Imagine Self out of my own experience. I have worked hard and relentlessly to know myself, to heal the wounds of a very dramatic childhood, and to claim my own freedom and destiny. I have made mistakes, found guidance when lost, forgiven myself for excesses and deficiencies. I have traveled the bumpy, twisting road from paralyzing anxiety and depression to joyful celebration.

Now in my late sixties (born December 11, 1947), I live my life fully – doing what I love to do (most of the time). I am filled with gratitude and possibility. I live most of my moments with resolve and enthusiasm. I have turned my life inside out and found everything I longed for and more than I imagined.

In my blog and my courses, I share a lot about my life – the good the bad and ugly, and the trials, transformations, and blessings.

I live in Chapel Hill, NC, a recent transplant after 36 years in New Jersey.

I love being a mother, it is so much more than caring about and for my children. But now I am a grandmother of five and I am certain this is a territory of inner adventure that will take me into places of self I have never imagined.